Increasing Google Pagerank

Google PageRank has become one of the most important measurements when users are checking a sites authority on the web. To increase Google PageRank, you must first understand how Google assigns page rank to each site. Increasing your Google PageRank will not happen overnight. It requires a lot of time and effort. So lets dig in and find out how you can increase Google PageRank for your site.Know more about google ranking from here.

So you already know what a back link is, so lets take a look at how we can rack up our vote count. Google looks at a few things when counting the vote. The most important thing is the voter. Who is voting for you? Is it an authority site? How does Google determine the authority of a site? Google uses Page Rank!!! So, if you have just started and trying to increase your Google PageRank, you want to get votes from sites with high Page Ranks.

Directory submission is still popular nowadays. Why? – Because it really works at all points. Just try and you will see how your traffic and pagerank is increasing day by day. Here the main trick is to choose the right web directories for your website or blog.

You might be asking this question to yourself, “Why should I even bother with commenting then?” Because you want to get noticed! Posting comments like “nice post!” will not get you noticed. You want to add value into the discussion, and that will get the author of the blog to notice you. Ask good questions or let the author know about something that was missing in the post. Those two are just basic ideas.

PageRank is one of the many factors Google takes into account when it returns the results for a search term. It is, in effect, Google’s evaluation of how important a site is. The main element in this is the number of sites linking to your site and their PageRank size. This can be viewed as a popularity contest with the sites with the bigger PageRanks getting bigger votes (ain’t that always the way).

It’s very simple to see anyone’s PageRank. Just download and install the Google toolbar. It’s a very quick and easy install. Just be sure to choose the Advanced option during the install so the PageRank of each site you visit will be displayed on the toolbar.

Reciprocal linking is wrought with perils, not the least of which is that while you cannot control who links to you, and are not punished for it, if you link to an external site which engages in known search engine spamming techniques (such as link farming), you will be penalized for linking to a “bad neighborhood”. Google especially does not like attempts to manipulate its ranking algorithms, and it deals harshly with sites which engage in practices which are a violation of its Terms of Inclusion, or sites which link to these sites.

While seemingly simple to understand, many Webmasters can’t seem to grasp it. Every day in Webmaster forums or chat rooms you’ll see the same questions regarding PageRank. The simple fact will never change no matter how many times it’s asked. Google PageRank is only affected by the incoming backlinks.